• TO develop and certify our quality system constantly to satisfy the requirements of ISO9001 Standard;
  • TO become a reliable and sought company which provides entire requirements and expectations of the GOSB Teknopark Companies;
  • TO increase quality level constantly emphasizing team work so that all employees are more proficient and able to use their skills at best.
  • TO create most suitable, most accurate ad most economic solutions in the most swift manner to prevent any possible incompatibilities;
  • TO become an organization exemplary to the society and environment, to contribute Turkey’s economy by constantly improving the business volume;
  • TO revise constantly our business processes and determine actions to increase total quality in our solutions;
  • TO improve constantly our assets and raising the efficiency in all business processes to a level to compete at the international scale;
  • TO follow up state-of-the art technology and work without making concessions from ethic and conscience.
  • We do our best to be an exemplary organization focusing on a dynamic & corporate intelligence, managing our operations in an integrated manner with the environment to become an exemplary entity in the industries we serve.

General Manager